Advanced technology for a competitive edge
Pre-Press: Quality, quality, quality. The Abhimaani Group lives it in everything it does and this goes for the pre-press as well. To achieve outstanding reproduction of your photography, graphics and text, we employ cutting-edge technology using CtP (Computer to Plate) and image setting equipment that is the best in the world. The latest electronic hardware, software and peripherals are used to receive and output files, to assemble and print the page.

Presses: State-of-the-art. That's Abhimaani. Our machinery produces great volumes of printed sheets at high speed and yet scores on being consistent with the output. We use the most
up-to-date control technology to achieve perfect registration and colour throughout, even if it is the longest print run. We have the strength of having multiple high speed web and sheet-fed printing machines. The printing capacity is 3.4 million impressions per day on Web and 1.1 million impressions per day on Sheet fed impressions.

Binding & Finishing: Offering and maintaining a terrific infrastructure is one of the reasons for the company's continuing success. Our comprehensive binding and finishing units include a wide range of high-tech, automated equipment for book and magazine production. They have the capacity of cutting, folding, collating and sewing paper through a variety of machines at its disposal. What's more, Abhimaani has the latest technology in finishing equipment for lamination, poly-wrapping and shrink-wrapping. So no matter how large or small your order, the company's presses will deliver the highest standards and the best care and attention through its trained finishing operators.

Packaging: Providing the finishing touches is as important as the product itself. And Abhimaani prides itself on being a complete packaging solutions provider. This could range from glassy/matte lamination, window lamination, varnishing and spot varnishing to punching, die cutting and automated pasting.

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