This is one division that the Abhimaani Group is extremely proud. After all, nothing like harnessing the power of the Press to inform and entertain the customer. Abhimaani has been doing just this through two widely accepted publications. If Ee Sanje is a Kannada evening daily newspaper, Aragini is a Kannada film tabloid.

Abhimaani began publishing Ee Sanje way back in 1992. Today, after more than 16 years, it is one of the largest circulated Kannada evening dailies in the whole of Karnataka state. All of this was possible because of its no-nonsense approach to the latest news. Since the area covered include the entire state, the newspaper garnered considerable readership across every nook and corner of Karnataka. As an added bonus for the continuing goodwill from our readers, we became a Karnataka news provider through our

With Aragini, Abhimaani has become the first publishing house in the state to start a racy Kannada film tabloid. With an enviable readership of 400,000 and counting, the tabloid dedicated to the south Indian film industry is evolving into a bigger entity. Aragini's popularity is such that it has not stepped inside the drawing rooms of Kannadigas within the state, but also in Kannadiga homes outside the state.

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