T Venkatesh, the founder of the Abhimaani Group, is a self-made entrepreneur who believes in the human touch. He began small as a humble civil contractor. However, what he enjoyed most was reading. This led him to start a local weekly and daily as a voice of hapless local Kannadigas whose cries for attention were ignored by traditional media houses. And then, entrepreneurship took over and he is now heading a media empire, which not only publishes two extremely popular mass newspapers, but also has a full-fledged printing press that caters to both domestic and international markets. The winner of many prestigious awards for his pioneering spirit and social work, Venkatesh draws his inspirations from the people who work in his organisation. A great visionary, Venkatesh constantly updates his printing and publishing empire by visiting different countries to get more insight into the latest trends around the world.

T Channappa, HR
Manpower management is key to any company's success. After all, it's the people behind the companies that make things work. Here is where Chinnappa comes into the picture. His dynamism and soft spoken attitude has worked wonders in Abhimaani5s HR wing. Heading HR at the Group, he has played a key role in cementing the reputation of the company as a supremely qualified company to undertake any kind of printing work. People management is difficult, but Chinnappa is forever trying to be near perfect in everything he undertakes. It is this endearing quality that keeps him on top of the game.

T Nagaraj, Director & COO
Operations play a key role in any organisation and T Nagaraj manages them with practiced ease. As a Director & COO, he is in charge of the overall operations of the company. A people's person, Nagaraj is able to string together all the diverse wings of the company into one harmonious whole. Under his logistical leadership, the company has been able to meet deadlines and win over several domestic and international clients through his excellent quality control.

Venkatesh Srinivas, Director - Production Controller & Head of Marketing
Young, energetic and resourceful, V Srinivas is a post graduate in printing technology from Hauchler Studio, Germany and a graduate in printing technology from IPT, Bangalore. He single-handedly controls the entire production wing with impeccable credentials and an eye for detail. It was under him that the company created a new line of business for producing commercial printing and stationery items. He also assists the marketing division in chalking up customised proposals where technical superiority plays a key role. Today, the stationery products bring in a sizeable chunk of the company's revenue.

Venkatesh Divakar, Director - Stationery
Abhimaani's international acclaim is due largely to the efforts and insight of V Divakar. Young, open-minded, adventurous and willing to take up new challenges, Divakar epitomes the very spirit of Abhimaani. A well-travelled professional, he has done his post graduation in pre-press from Hauchler Studio, Germany. This gives him the wherewithal needed to effectively look after the technical aspects of pre-press activities. Being extremely talented in product design, Divakar is forever thinking of newer ways to improve a product.

Venkatesh Purushotham, Director - CFO, Abhimaani Vasathi
No business can succeed without financial wizardry. And here is where Purushotham has done what it takes to catapult Abhimaani's hospitality enterprise, Abhimaani Vasathi, into the big league. As the head of finance, Purushotham brings with him all the expertise needed to run a four6star hotel both efficiently and self sufficiently. Ofcourse, he has his post graduate degree in International Finance from the University of Wales, UK, helping him in this endeavour. Impeccable, clear-headed and astute in his understanding of business, Purushotham is another valued member of the Abhimaani family.

M Ravikumar, Chief Executive - Marketing & Procurement
Understanding his customer comes easy to M Ravikumar. As head of Procurement, he knows that the quality differentiator is in the raw materials. Here is where he tries his best to get the finest raw products to produce high quality products. He also looks after the marketing of Arvind Colour Process, Abhimaani Group's pre-press business unit. With great power comes great responsibility, and Ravikumar ensures that he keeps the company flag flying, come rain or hailstorm.

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